FAQs : Some questions we are always asked


Can you wrap anything?

Absolutely. We have wrapped buildings, fridges, laptops, bikes, canopies, coin machines, and all sorts of vehicles and machinery. We even branded a tank once!

Is it expensive?

We cost each job based on its size, design and length of time it takes to wrap or brand, but it is not as expensive as you might think. For the price of an advert in the Golden Pages, you can have a moving advert that lasts for years and can be seen all round the country.

How long does it take?

It is pretty quick. It takes one working day to wrap a standard size jeep, for example.


What is a vehicle wrap?

This involves wrapping a car, bus or any vehicle in branded vinyl. We print the vinyl with your branded design, then shape and mould it to the vehicle.

What’s the difference between a half wrap, three-quarter wrap and a full wrap?

Half wrap: This includes the entire rear of the vehicle and half-way up the vehicle. It also includes a bonnet logo.

Three-quarters wrap: This includes the entire rear of the vehicle and three-quarters of the way up the vehicle. It also includes a bonnet logo.

Full wrap: This typically includes the entire surface of the vehicle, with or without the roof and bumpers (depending on the vehicle specification and the client’s wishes).

What do you need to put a design together?

Your corporate logo and brand guidelines, and any ideas you have about a design or images that you like

Can you collect and deliver the vehicles?

Yes. We have an open garage insurance policy that covers us to drive any vehicle up to an HGV.

Will you wrap a leased vehicle?

Sure thing. We often wrap fleets of leased vehicles.

Will the wrap damage the vehicle?

No. The vehicle will be protected from stone chips and so on. As long as the vehicle has the original factory paintwork, there will be no issues.

What if we need to remove the wrap?

The wrap can usually be removed easily without any damage to the vehicle. (Vehicles that have been re-sprayed can sustain some removal damage .)

How long will a wrap last on my vehicle?

Our wraps will normally outlast the duration you’re looking to use them for. You can expect your wrap to last 5-7 years or longer, providing you take some care while washing.

How do I care for my wrap?

Hand washing is best. Avoid high pressure washes and never use an ice scraper. You can sweep off windows with a soft broom and use your rear defroster without damaging your window graphics.